Plastic Packaging for Food: Properties and Advantages


Packaging is one of the most crucial factors to consider when marketing food products. There are various types of plastic packaging for food, all of which aim to protect products from external factors and, in many cases, facilitate their transportation, storage, and preservation. At INpackte, we offer three different varieties of plastic for food: PET jars, thermoformed polypropylene (PP) terrines, and injected polypropylene (PP) buckets. If you’re looking for plastic packaging for food, here are the characteristics and advantages of each type.

PET Packaging

PET packaging  for food boasts incredible transparency, allowing the contents to be easily seen. This type of packaging has a maximum filling temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. It is one of the most commonly used plastic packaging types in certain food sectors. Another significant advantage of PET packaging is its lightweight nature, making it easy to transport even in larger capacities. Additionally, PET is 100% recyclable and completely impermeable. Our catalog offers PET jars suitable for various foods, including industrial applications.

PP Buckets

Polypropylene is a plastic type that is BPA-free and highly resistant to high temperatures. It can be used to package foods at temperatures of up to 90 degrees Celsius, with the ability to withstand pasteurization processes, certified with OM2 certification. Furthermore, PP buckets are microwave-safe, allowing food to be heated within the container. These attributes make this packaging widely used in the food sector. The plastic buckets  available in our catalog are known for their high impact resistance, the ability to safeguard the products within, tamper-evident seals, and complete leak-proof properties. These properties contribute to making these plastic food containers highly sought after in the sector, particularly finding utility in supermarkets and hospitality businesses. Moreover, injected polypropylene containers are 100% reusable and recyclable, thereby minimizing their environmental impact.

Thermoformed Terrines

Plastic terrines are also made from polypropylene, specifically in a thermoformed manner. These food-grade plastic containers are highly versatile and moldable, allowing for various designs and customizations. Furthermore, they are recyclable and cost-effective. These two advantages have made them a preferred packaging choice for numerous companies in the food industry. At INpackte, specialists in food packaging, we offer a wide variety of thermoformed terrines suitable for various products. These three types of plastic packaging for food are ideal for packaging your products. If you’re uncertain about which type best suits your sector, contact our sales team at INpackte, and we’ll help you choose the best option. If you’re clear about the type of packaging you need, you can place your order through our website.

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